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Health reform is coming. Are you ready?

By 2025, an agreed key reform of the Australian health care system is to shift to paying for value and outcomes to improve health outcomes for all Australians. The Strengthening Medicare Taskforce Report recommends key reforms to primary health care, including coordinated multidisciplinary team care and improved data and digital technology to inform value-based care delivery and to empower patients as partners in their own care.

Major change is undoubtedly building, but what does this all mean for you and your practice? Will you be ready to meet the changing expectations of patients and the experiences and quality of life outcomes these reforms demand? 

Understand these changes and how they will impact you.

In this Kickstarter webinar, Australian Health Care Reform: What it means for you and your practice, we demystify all of the terms you might have been hearing about health reform - like value-based care, multidisciplinary teams, measuring outcomes, using PROMs and PREMs - help you understand how the changes will impact you and provide you with practical steps to get your practice ready for change.

What we cover in the webinar: 

Australian Health Reform: What it means for you and your practice.


Complimentary online Kickstarter webinar

In less than 40 minutes we cover:

  • Health Reform: What's Changing?
  • What is Value-Based Health Care?
  • Partnering with you Patients
  • Measuring Outcomes That Matter
  • What's In It For Me? and Taking Your Next Steps 

The webinar includes a downloadable Kickstarter guide which outlines that the 3 key shifts your practice needs to make to be reform ready and provides simple, practice information you can use to get started today.

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Your Host.

Your webinar host is Shelley Thomson, Australia's most respected authority on patient-driven growth strategies, an Allied Health Professional and Co-founder and Director of Patient Experience Agency.

Shelley has presented for...

Who is this webinar for?


This webinar is most suitable for anyone in the primary health sector wanting to learn more about how the bigger-picture health reforms coming will impact them and learn more about what value-based health care is and how this care delivery model can support improved patient experiences, including:

  • Healthcare leaders
  • Healthcare practitioners of any discipline
  • Practice managers
  • Frontline healthcare workers
  • Consumer representatives

CPD accredited learning.

This webinar has been CPD accredited with CPD Home for health professionals in General Practice, Allied Health, Nursing and Practice Managers:

Educational Activity: 1 hour

"I really enjoyed this Kickstarter course. Highly recommended to health care change leaders and teams. It is refreshing, insightful and a fabulous 'entrée' to what the Patient Experience Agency (PEA) is bringing to the table - a collaborative learning opportunity to empower change in our health environment, to bring change in how we care for our patients through a better and contemporary lens.

We need to do this! This program is informative and revolutionary to health care service planning and delivery - and much needed. I highly commend the Kickstarter Program, and look forward to more of what PEA will offer.”

Karen Caldwell, Health Change Consultant and former Executive Director, Clinical Governance, Clinical & Corporate Services, Calvary Public Hospital.

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