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Looking for easy, accessible "how to" learning to improve your patient experience?

We hear you! 
We pride ourselves on making our courses simple - helping to demystify buzz terms around patient experience, outcomes measurement, value-based health care and being patient-centred, and providing practical tips and tools to implement real and effective change in your practice. 

Not sure where to start? Choose one of our introductory Kickstarter courses to understand the basics.

Ready to make a transformational change to the experience and outcomes of your patients? Then our Patient Experience (PX) Accelerator signature course is for you! 

Fundamentals Course

Fundamentals of PX

ONLY $195

Fundamentals of PX
 is a simple, introductory online course to help healthcare professionals and practice managers just like you to understand what a modern PX looks like, why it matters and how you can start achieving PX improvements that impact your patients and your staff today. The course is delivered via one hour of on-demand learning content. Live delivery available upon request.


Comprehensive Learning 

Developing your PX Strategy


Boost your PX and get your practice reform ready - in just 6 short weeks. Our Developing your PX Strategy is designed to help you tap into your greatest business asset - your patients - and partner with them to design and deliver exceptional healthcare experiences that achieve better outcomes for all. 
Across 10 modules in 6 weeks, this course will also step you through the major shifts your practice needs to make to become a PX-driven practice and provides you with the tools to complete your personalised PX Strategy Canvas - your ''plan on a page' for delivering a modern PX approach to care.


Free Kickstarter Webinars

Our Kickstarters are designed to do just that....kickstart you into action! They are short, easy to follow and focussed on explaining the basics so you have the confidence to move forward and take action.

Australian Health Reform:
A guide for what it means for you and your practice.

Understand the future of health care and what impact is coming for you. In this free webinar, we demystify the bigger picture plans for reform and what it means for you and share the three key shifts you need to make to get your practice reform ready.

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Demystifying PROMs & PREMs

Learn the basics of Patient-Reported Outcome & Experience Measures - what they are, where to find them and how to use them to start achieving better patient experiences and outcomes in your practice.

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Mastering Patient Feedback, Compliments & Complaints

Understand how to respond to patient feedback, compliments and complaints and transform them into opportunities for growth and patient experience excellence in your practice.

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Not sure where to start?

Measure the PX maturity in your practice and chart your own course to PX improvement.

Any successful journey has a start and an end. And your journey towards improved patient experience (PX) is no different. But how do you know where you're starting from?

That's where our free PX Maturity Indicator assessment comes in. In a series of questions about how your practice operates now, we deliver a real time results report that benchmarks your organisation's current PX maturity and provides simple, practical recommendations on how you can start making improvements to your PX today.

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Why Patient Experience Agency?

We are a team of three sisters who have dedicated our careers to designing personalised and memorable customer experiences. With extensive backgrounds in the health care, tourism, sport, retail and eCommerce sectors, we have seen the absolute best (and worst!) strategies that increase customer satisfaction, outcomes and loyalty.

We bring these fresh insights to the health care sector and have been helping practices to navigate their individual journeys towards a more patient-focused, outcomes-based model of care by putting their patients at the centre of everything they do.

We believe in making things simple. So all our courses are designed to dispel a lot of the myths around improving patient experiences and answer the questions you might have felt uneasy about asking. 

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The 5 things you can do today to improve your PX.

Better patient experience leads to better outcomes. Download our easy guide to discover what simple changes you can start making in your practice today to improve the experience for your patients.

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