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How we help PHNs improve effectiveness and efficiency in Value-Based Health Care.

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How we help.

Patient Experience Agency shifts primary health care capability in value-based health care at scale. How do we achieve this? We:

  • Benchmark your current state using our unique PX Assessment Maturity survey
  • Partner with PHNs to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of health care services as you and the practitioners in your region change towards a value-based health care approach
  • Share the knowledge and expertise of different stakeholders already on the journey to develop change support programs for PHNs and Primary Health practitioners
  • Connect communities of practitioners on the value-based health care change journey to provide opportunities for reflection, sharing and collaboration
  • Provide patient insights to inform change journeys
  • Coach and mentor PHNs and practitioners as you implement change

We recognise that a multidisciplinary approach is often needed in commissioning to address complex health care challenges faced by your region.  We can be a part of your value-based health care change team.

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OurĀ Services.

Ā Patient experience (PX) is the sum of all the interactions a patient has with providers across their healthcare journey. What's the experience like for patients in your region? What can be improved?

Our unique range of PX tools and services demystify the change needed to for value-based health careĀ implementation by PHN teams and the primary health care practitioners across your region. Our support includes:

  • PX Assessments: our unique PX Assessment maturity survey benchmarks a single service or a whole region's current position across the patient partnership spectrum
  • PX Accelerator: Our signature change management program includes 6 online learning modules over 6 weeks, taking you from policy to a PX change action plan. The program includes participation in a support community and online coachingĀ for maximum impact
  • Multidisciplinary Teams: upskilling and coaching in new ways of working
  • Workshops, Masterclasses & Custom Consulting: Looking for a masterclass on one of the elements of value-based health care, need help getting your team on the same page, or someone to help with your PHN's action plan? Talk to us about how we can support your team
  • Speaking:Ā Conferences, team town halls, webinars and online presentations - our team are experienced speakers. Our Co-founder Shelley Thomson even wrote the book on patient experience.

OurĀ team are specialist Design Thinking workshop facilitators so weĀ bring this approach to all our workshops to ensure collaboration and input isĀ encouraged from all your key stakeholders. Get in touch today to discuss your unique requirements.

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We have delivered programs and presentations for: 

Why Patient Experience Agency?

Patient Experience Agency is Australia's "how to" of primary health care change, sharing how better experiences lead to better outcomes. We provide context, answer "why change?" and share and show what value-based health care implementation looks like in practical, de-mystified language.

We bring over 30 years of experience helping practice owners, managers and providers incorporate patient insights and lived experiences into their care journeys. 

Our philosophy is simple: Better Experiences. Better Outcomes. 

What does that mean? We know that partnering with patients to understand what truly matters to them - respecting their voice as part of how you run your health service -  delivers better experiences and outcomes for everyone. Not just your patients and their care circle but your staff, your organisation and you.

About us

Co-founder Shelley Thomson wrote Patients for Life to help healthcare professionals grow their practice using a patient-centred approach.

In this ground-breaking book, you'll discover:

  • Why your practice must adopt a patient-centred model
  • Common myths healthcare professionals often have about patients, reducing complaints, and what makes a practice successful
  • How to deliver a consistent and excellent patient experience by aligning your entire team
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Jo Saccasan, Finance & Business Manager
Karinya House for Mothers & Babies

"Shelley worked with us to develop and co-design an important project which detailed the patient journey our women experience as they rebuild their lives from homelessness to independence. This was an extensive piece of work, including co-design workshops, in-depth discussions, journey mapping and identifying outcomes with several women whom Karinya House support. Entrusting this sensitive work to Shelley was reflective of her integrity and experience. She demonstrated a deep and respectful understanding of the trauma histories of the women we walk alongside. This project has been instrumental in supporting the adoption of an outcomes-based approach in our organisation, the renewal of key funding contracts, the development and successful funding of a new project and continued work on developing Karinya House's Impact Framework. We can not thank Shelley enough for her insight and assistance."

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