Grow your Health Care Practice 
using a 'Patient-Centred' Model.

Patients for Life 

Written by Shelley Thomson,
Australia's most respected authority on
Patient-Centred Growth Strategies.

Introducing an approach that helps practices generate up to 5 times more revenue. 

In this revolutionary book, you will discover:

  • Why your practice must adopt a patient-centred model to help you meet the changing expectations of your patients
  • The common myths healthcare professionals often have about patients' expectations and what makes a practice successful
  • How to deliver a consistent and excellent patient experience by aligning and engaging your entire team

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"Shelley Thomson brings an experienced, fresh approach to the healthcare world and shares her wealth of patient experience secrets."

Nick Ingold, Garran Medical Imaging

Patients have the power to choose. Make sure they choose you.

Most health care professionals practice medicine primarily because they care about their patients. Yet, the simple truth is that this is not reason enough to sustain the long-term success of their business.

Many professionals struggle to think beyond medical needs and challenges or speak in terms that patients and their families can understand. They become bogged down by competing responsibilities and daily business matters that keep them from focusing on patient care. 

The sustainability of your practice depends on your ability to attract new patients and think from their point of view. When you don't put patients at the centre of your practice, the consequences may include losing patients, staff, revenue and even your good reputation.

About Shelley Thomson.

Shelley is one of Australia's most respected authorities on patient-centred strategies.

For more than 30 years, healthcare professionals and executives have sought her advice to ensure their practices deliver world-class patient experiences, not just world-class clinical care.

Shelley is also a popular and well-received keynote speaker, having spoken previously at events like the Pharmacy Business Network, Australian Podiatry Association conferences, The Fortune Institute High Achievers and Deloitte Private.

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A personal note from Shelley...

During my career, I have witnessed disappointing patient experiences in medical practices all over Australia.

I have observed patients having a medical procedure or diagnosis explained and seen the lack of understanding and fear in their body language. Meanwhile, health professionals ignore their patients’ confusion and push on with further jargon.

Friends have shared stories about taking leave from work to get to appointments on time, only to arrive and sit for hours in a waiting room to be seen when the doctor is available.

I have experienced waiting room environments that feel like a ‘factory’ where the high staff stress and rushing are palpable.


I have witnessed many health professionals take their patients for granted, assuming they will always come back, regardless of how they are treated.

Unfortunately, those focused on delivering great patient experiences are exceptional in the healthcare industry. They are just a handful – not the majority.

During my 30 years of working and consulting in the healthcare industry, I have discovered the patient experience is about more than world-class clinical care. We need to address every aspect of a patient’s experience, including the patient’s physical comfort, as well as their educational, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Which is why I wrote "Patients for Life" - to help health care professionals to see their patients as their greatest untapped asset and understand that being patient-focused doesn't have to hurt your bottom line. In fact, it will improve it.

In this breakthrough book, you will learn:

  • How your extensive medical training does not equip you to handle the growing expectations and needs of patients
  • What patients really think about and look for in you as their healthcare provider
  • How patient expectations have changed over the past decade and don't automatically include the acceptance of your medical services
  • The important role of non-medical staff in advancing your practice's ability to listen and answer patient demands
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