An introduction to improving patient experiences in your practice.


Healthcare and your patients are changing. Is your practice ready?

In today's shifting healthcare landscape, practices often grapple with changing patient expectations and with pending Australian Healthcare reforms, delivering exceptional patient experience (or PX) is no longer optional, it's fundamental.  

That's why we've created the Fundamentals of PX: a short introductory online course to help healthcare professionals and practice managers get up to speed with what modern PX is, why it matters and how you can start making a difference today.

Partner with your patients for lasting change.

Australian Health Care reforms are making paternalistic doctor-patient relationships a thing of the past. 

Fundamentals of PX, introduces you to the different stages of patient engagement and what you can do at a patient and practice level to keep up with PX-focused reform in Australia. You will also learn the key principles of PX maturity and how you can start taking  meaningful steps to improve the experiences and outcomes for your patients.

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Introductory Course

In just 75 minutes you will discover:

  • What a modern patient experience (PX) is and why it matters
  • How to adopt a more human-centred operating model
  • How health reform will impact your PX and your practice
  • The different stages of patient engagement - from patient-centred to patient partnering and beyond
  • How segmenting your patients will lead to more personalised care
  • Understand the¬†three principles of PX maturity and how to start¬†adopting them¬†
  • Insights and tips from other healthcare professionals who are already¬†on their journey to PX improvement
  • A downloadable course guide and toolbox to help you get started with PX improvement in your practice
  • Accredited e-learning with certificate to claim CPD credits¬†

BONUS:  This course also includes a link to our exclusive, free PX Maturity Indicator, which helps you measure your practice's current PX maturity and provides a personalised report to identify the areas you can start improving today to deliver better patient experiences and outcomes.


Your Host.

Your course host is Shelley Thomson, Australia's most respected authority on patient-driven growth strategies, an Allied Health Professional, Co-founder and Director of Patient Experience Agency.

With more than 30 years of health industry and clinical experience, Shelley is a patient experience advisor, author of Patients for Life and accomplished expert keynote speaker and panellist.

Shelley has presented for...

Who is this course for?

The Fundamentals of PX is designed for healthcare professionals, administrators, practice managers and consumer advocates seeking to adapt and thrive in the changing healthcare landscape. Whether you're in a clinic, practice or hospital, this program empowers you to enhance patient experiences, improve outcomes, and drive practice success. After completing you will:

  • Unlock a new understanding of PX
  • Elevate¬†PX as a driver of patient satisfaction, better patient outcomes and boosted revenue
  • Gain competitive advantage through patient¬†partnerships¬†
  • Improve staff morale and watch your team thrive
  • Prepare your practice to excel¬†through change

"An excellent introduction to PX. This is a product that health care has needed for some time, so I look forward to PEA offering more resources in the future.‚ÄĚ

Health Care Industry Body Leader
Completed course September 2023

"The training was well organised, clear and easy to follow. The training brought macro ideas and then demonstrated how they can be used in the micro.‚ÄĚ

Allied Health Care Professional
Completed course September 2023

Stop trying to solve PX problems for your patients.

Instead, partner with them and discover the solutions together.

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Fundamentals of PX: Frequently Asked Questions


What you can expect from Fundamentals of PX.

Keen to understand more?

Your host, Shelley Thomson, steps you through what the Fundamentals of PX covers and the resources included in the course to support you and your practice on your journey to PX improvement.


On-demand learning for busy health care professionals.

Fundamentals of PX is quick and easy e-learning tailored specifically for busy healthcare professionals like you. Accessible online and on-demand, our modules are broken into micro-learning lessons of no longer than 15 minutes so you can fit them into your hectic schedule or complete them all at once in just over an hour.

This course features valuable insights from your colleagues and peers already on their PX improvement journey and will equip you with practical resources to help you get started today, including a downloadable course guide and toolbox of ready-to-implement activities.

CPD accredited learning.


Our Fundamentals of PX course is CPD accredited with CPD Home for health professionals in General Practice, Allied Health, Nursing and Practice Managers:

Educational Activity: 1.25 hours

Reviewing Performance: 0.25 hours

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Satisfied and engaged patients who grow in confidence to navigate and manage their own care.

Better Patient Outcomes

Needs-driven, effective care that delivers positive and measurable outcomes that matter to your patients.

Better Staff Experience

A more engaged and empowered workforce who are happier and more loyal to your practice.

Growing Your Practice

An operating model that is more efficient and effective and fosters satisfied and loyal patients.

Start making patient-led change in your practice today. 

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The 5 things you can do today to improve your PX.

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