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Simple, practical patient experience (PX) improvement learning for ultrasound professionals, leaders and practice managers.



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Start transforming your ultrasound practice's patient experience with our PX learning resources.

Patient-driven health reform is imminent. As Australia faces the most significant healthcare changes since the launch of Medicare, patient experience is set to become a key benchmark for accreditation and excellence. Practices that excel in patient experience (PX) will not only meet the requirements of the National Safety and Quality Healthcare Standards but also demonstrate their commitment to excellence. 

Patients today expect their ultrasound providers to deliver outcomes that matter to them. By prioritising patient experience, ultrasound practices¬†consistently see better patient outcomes, higher engagement and more empowered and engaged staff.‚Äč

Don't wait for change to be implemented. Get ahead by partnering with your consumers to start transforming their experiences now. Explore our range of PX improvement learning resources to set your practice up for success and achieve accreditation excellence. 

 Online Learning Courses & Programs.


Take a deeper dive with these online learning options to support long-lasting PX improvement change in your practice.

Fundamentals of PX (Patient Experience).

An introduction to improving patient experiences in your practice.
Fundamentals of PX is a simple, introductory online course to help healthcare professionals and practice managers just like you to understand what a modern PX looks like, why it matters and how you can start achieving PX improvements that impact your patients and your staff today. The course is delivered via one hour of on-demand learning content. Live delivery available upon request.

As a medical practitioner, this course represents a total of 1.5 hours of activity towards your CPD requirements.

ASUM MEMBER PRICE: $175.50 (10% OFF - NORMALLY $195).

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Developing your Patient Experience (PX) Strategy.

Create a roadmap for patient-driven change in your practice.

Our Developing your PX Strategy program is designed to help you tap into your greatest business asset - your patients - and partner with them to design and deliver exceptional healthcare experiences that achieve better outcomes for all. 

Across 10 modules in 6 weeks, this program will also step you through the major shifts your practice needs to make to become a PX-driven practice and provides you with the tools to complete your personalised PX Strategy Canvas - your ''plan-on-a-page' for delivering a modern PX approach to care.

As a medical practitioner, this program represents a total of 18.25 hours of activity towards your CPD requirements.


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 Free Kickstarter Webinars.

Our Kickstarter webinars are designed to do just that: kick start you into action! These short, easy-to-follow webinars are focussed on explaining the basics so you have the confidence to move forward and take action in your practice.

Australian Health Reform: A guide for what it means for you and your practice.

Patient-driven health reform is on the horizon. Understand what the future holds and how it will impact you and your practice. In this free webinar, we demystify the broader plans for reform, explain what it means for you, and highlight three key shifts you need to make to be reform-ready. Join us to gain valuable insights and prepare for change.

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Demystifying PROMs and PREMs.

Learn the basics of Patient-Reported Outcome and Experience Measures (PROMs and PREMs) - what they are, where to find them and how to use them effectively to start achieving better patient experiences and outcomes for your practice.

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Mastering Patient Feedback, Compliments & Complaints.

Understand how to respond to patient feedback, compliments and complaints and transform them into opportunities for growth and patient experience excellence in your practice.

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Not sure where to start?

Measure the PX maturity in your ultrasound practice and chart your course to PX improvement.
Our free PX Maturity Indicator assessment measures how your practice operates now and delivers a real-time PX maturity results report with simple, practical recommendations on how you can start making improvements to your PX today.


Accredited CPD learning activity for busy ultrasound professionals. 

Patient Experience Agency is an AMA CPD Home Certified Learning Provider. Our CPD webinars and learning programs are accredited for medical practitioners, allied health practitioners (including sonographers), general practitioners, nurses, business owners, and practice managers.

If you are a CPD Home member, your accreditation will be automatically recorded in your CPD Home account. All other participants will receive a Certificate of Completion upon meeting the activity requirements, which can be used as evidence for your CPD obligations.

Why Patient Experience Agency?

At Patient Experience Agency, our mission is to champion the patient experience (PX) by embracing a holistic, human-centred approach. We support health, aged and disability care organisations to partner with their consumers and deeply understand their needs in order to deliver better experiences and outcomes for them.

Our team has extensive backgrounds in a variety of sectors and have seen the absolute best (and worst!) strategies that increase customer satisfaction, outcomes and loyalty. We bring these fresh insights to the health care sector and have been helping practices to navigate their individual journeys towards a more patient-focused, outcomes-based model of care by putting their patients at the centre of everything they do.

Our range of learning and 'how to' services makes embracing patient experiences and outcomes simple and faster than going alone. These include:


Our simple online courses and webinars are designed to demystify the fundamentals and make implementing improved patient experiences (PX) and outcomes easy.

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Custom Workshop

Have a larger team or need more specific guidance on how to navigate your journey to improved patient experiences (PX)? Our custom workshops could be for you.

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Improving patient experiences and measuring outcomes is our passion - one we love to share.  Find out about having us speak at your next conference or event or as a guest on your podcast.

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Consulting & Coaching

Our consulting and coaching services support organisations with patient journey mapping, PX strategy and improvement initiatives, patient engagement and insights and much more!

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We have delivered programs and presentations for....

The 5 things you can do today to improve your PX.

Better patient experience leads to better outcomes. Download our easy guide to discover what simple changes you can start making in your practice today to improve the experience for your patients.

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