Developing your
Patient Experience (PX) Strategy.

Learn how to create a roadmap for patient-driven change in your healthcare organisation or practice.

Patients have more choices and higher expectations than ever in today's competitive health care landscape. They're looking for healthcare that goes above and beyond to deliver the outcomes that matter to them. 

And this all starts with improving the patient experience (PX). We repeatedly see that healthcare organisations and practices that focus on improving their PX reap the rewards of better patient outcomes, more satisfied patients and empowered and engaged staff.

Developing your PX Strategy is a 6-week online program designed to help healthcare leaders, practice managers and professionals learn to work in partnership with your patients to design and deliver exceptional healthcare experiences that achieve better outcomes. 

In this information session, we will share how this program will help you get the jump on your competitors and the coming health reforms by developing your pathway to implementing a value-based delivery approach, partnering with your patients and measuring your patient outcomes using PROMs and PREMs.

If you are keen to learn more about how this program can connect you with like-minded healthcare professionals and help you build a personalised PX strategy that will set your organisation up for success, then this information session is for you!

In this session we will cover:

  • - What a PX Strategy is and why you need to develop¬†one for your healthcare organisation or practice
  • - What the full Developing your PX Strategy program¬†covers
  • - How the Developing your PX Strategy¬†program will set your practice up to be ahead of future health reforms and your competitors
  • - How to use your PX Strategy¬†to support improved experiences and outcomes for your patients

Still have questions? Feel free to¬†drop us a line at¬†[email protected]¬†and we will answer them for you. All registrants will receive a program¬†guide once¬†the webinar is completed.

Webinar running time is  1 hour.


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Who is this session for?

This session is designed for healthcare leaders and professionals, practice managers and owners, consumer advocates or anyone interested in learning more about how the Developing your PX Strategy program can help deliver better experiences and outcomes for your patients.

Your Hosts.

Your hosts for the session will be Shelley Thomson, Dana Ronan and Jill Holmes, the Co-founders and Directors of Patient Experience Agency. 


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