Create a roadmap for patient-driven change in your practice.

28 August and 23 October 2024


Are you ready to put the 'X' factor in your PX?

Is your patient experience (PX) missing the 'X' factor - something extra that positively impacts your patients and sets you apart?

Patients have more choices and higher expectations than ever in today's competitive health care landscape. They're looking for a healthcare that goes above and beyond to deliver the outcomes that matter to them. 

And this all starts with improving the patient experience. We repeatedly see that practices that focus on their patient experience reap the rewards of better patient outcomes, more satisfied patients and empowered and engaged staff.

Developing your PX Strategy is designed to help you tap into your greatest business asset - your patients - and work with them to design and deliver exceptional healthcare experiences that achieve better outcomes.

What is a PX Strategy?

A Patient Experience (PX) strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines how a healthcare organisation aims to deliver positive and meaningful experiences for patients across their healthcare journey.
 The goal of a PX strategy is to enhance patient satisfaction, engagement, outcomes and overall wellbeing.

A PX Strategy is an essential feature of modern healthcare organisations and practices who are committed to partnering with their patients to design and deliver exceptional care.

Patient-focused health reform is coming. Set your practice up for success.

In Australia, we are about to experience the biggest change to our health care system since the introduction of Medicare in the early 1980s.  

Reforms like these have been implemented in many countries worldwide and are led through improvements in patient experience.‚Äč

Don't wait for change to be implemented - get the jump on your competitors and start implementing a value-led approach by partnering with your patients and measuring your practice outcomes now.

In just 6 weeks, Developing your PX Strategy will step you through the major shifts your practice needs to make to be reform-ready and provide your personalised roadmap to delivering your practice's future health care model.

What we cover in Developing Your PX Strategy:

Developing your PX Strategy is delivered with a mixture of on-demand learning and weekly live online sessions. During the course, we step you through the 3 key principles of a PX-driven practice and how developing a plan to shift towards these principles will support the delivery of exceptional experiences and outcomes for your patients. These principles include:

1. Partnering with your patients
2. Adopting a value-based care delivery model
3. Measuring the outcomes that matter

At the end of the course, you will have completed our PX Strategy Canvas - our simple, 'plan on a page' which is your roadmap for implementing change in your practice.

Modules are made available to you at the start of the course and then you join a live online session held each week to focus on a particular topic, provide you with opportunities to ask questions, hear from those in the industry who are already on their journey and share ideas with your fellow learners. 

Topics included in Developing your PX Strategy:

1. Introduction & Overview

In this introductory module, we outline what a PX strategy is and the resources available to help support you throughout the program.

2. What is Patient Experience?

This module provides a succinct overview of what PX is, why it matters and what your patients are expecting from a modern PX in their healthcare journey.

3. The PX Improvement Framework

Next, we explore the five-step PX Improvement Framework which supports PX change initiatives in your practice.

4. The Principles of PX Maturity

Here we share an overview of the Principles of PX Maturity and how they align with to the PX Strategy Canvas you will complete.

5. Partnering with Patients

We take a deeper dive into this PX principle to understand what partnering with patients means, explore the importance of leadership and segmentation in a PX strategy and help you identify ways to activate your patients.

6. A Value-Based Delivery Model

In this module, we explore some of the core elements and tools used to deliver value and outcomes to patients, including patient journey mapping, innovating the care journey and adopting a multidisciplinary team approach.

7. Outcomes that Matter

In this module you will understand what outcomes actually matter to your patients and how to identify and measure them. We also provide a basic overview of how value and costs are measured in a value-based delivery model.

8. Upskilling your Team

This module includes an overview of some of the key skills, competencies, resources and behaviours you may need to upskill you and your team in to support the implementation of your PX Strategy in your practice.

9. Bringing it all Together

This module provides a recap of the PX Strategy Canvas and an overview of some of the final elements required to complete your PX Strategy Canvas.

10. Top Tips for Success

In this bonus module we share our top tips for successful PX improvement change in your organisation.

11. Patient Journey Mapping

In this bonus module we take a deeper dive into how to get started with patient journey mapping.

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Boost your PX and get your practice  reform ready in just 6 short weeks.

Don't wait for change to be enforced on you. Get ahead of the curve and start delivering the outcomes and experiences that really matter to your patients.


Say 'yes' to....

Better Patient Outcomes

Needs-driven, effective care that delivers positive and measurable outcomes that matter to your patients.

Better Patient Experience

Satisfied and engaged patients who grow in confidence to navigate their own care.

Better Staff Experience

A more engaged and empowered workforce who are happier and more loyal to your practice.

Better Cost Optimisation

An operating model that is more efficient and effective with reduced waste, redundancy and overuse of resources.

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$1197 AUD

What's included in your enrolment:

  • Access to on-demand video learning content (6 months access)
  • 6x¬†1.5-hour live¬†group coaching sessions each¬†week with the PEA team and your learning cohort
  • Build your own PX Strategy¬†Canvas - a 'plan on a page' roadmap for implementation in your practice
  • Easy-to-follow, downloadable course guide and toolbox resources to support your journey
  • Short learning modules - perfect for watching on your tea break!
  • Simple, easy and practical information you can start using today to transform your practice
  • Access to our closed learning community
  • BONUS:¬†Patient Journey Mapping deep dive module
  • BONUS:¬†PX Maturity Indicator assessment and personalised results report¬†
  • BONUS:¬†50% off your first 2 months QuantCare subscription (see below for details)

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$1197 AUD


6 x live 1.5 hour online coaching sessions:
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Exclusive offer for Developing your PX Strategy customers.

Patient Experience Agency is excited to have partnered with
QuantCare to help our clients implement their PX Strategy.

QuantCare will help you to implement your PX roadmap by collecting, analysing and tracking Patient-Reported Measures (PROMs and PREMs) digitally. Using QuantCare's analytics, you can evaluate how your organisation is performing on improving patient outcomes and experiences, and take actionable steps to deliver value-based care, elevate your service, upskill clinicians and ultimately improve retention. 

Any clients enrolling in the Developing your PX Strategy program will receive 50% off your QuantCare subscription for the first 2 months. 

Learn more about QuantCare

Accredited CPD learning activity for busy healthcare professionals. 

Patient Experience Agency is a CPD Home (AMA) Certified Learning Provider, and the Developing your PX Strategy program is an accredited CPD learning activity for Medical Practitioners, General Practitioners, Allied Health Practitioners, Nurses, Business Owners and Practice Managers.

The program has been accredited for 18.25 CPD hours in these categories:

  • Educational Activities - 8.25 hours
  • Measuring Outcomes - 9.25 hours
  • Reviewing Performance - 0.75 hours

If you are a CPD Home member, your accreditation will be automatically recorded against your CPD Home account once you submit your PX Strategy Canvas for review.

If you fall outside these disciplines or CDP Home is not your registered CPD provider, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion once you submit your PX Strategy Canvas for review. This certificate can then be used as evidence towards your CPD requirements.

Anonymous, Senior Allied Health Professional

"I heard about PROMs and PREMs and wanted to get started with implementing them in my practice so I could track my patients' health outcomes. The Developing your PX Strategy course took it one step further and opened my eyes to how my patients' outcomes are linked to all the elements of patient experience I provide.

I can't recommend this course enough - it has changed how we collaborate with¬†our patients and deliver care in our practice.‚ÄĚ


We have delivered programs and presentations for....

Who is this course for?


This course is most suitable for those in the care sector interested in learning a roadmap to undertake a change in how care is delivered by partnering with patients and those keen to start measuring the health outcomes and value delivered by their practice.

It is most suitable for those within an organisation who can influence and/or implement change, including:

  • Healthcare leaders or decision-makers
  • Healthcare practitioners of any discipline
  • Practice owners or managers in primary health, specialist, allied health¬†or aged care
  • Consumer leaders and advocates

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What you can expect from Developing your PX Strategy.

Want to understand more about the course?

Your host, Shelley Thomson, steps you through what you can expect from the Developing your PX Strategy course - including the topics covered, the structure of the course and support resources available to help you get started on your journey to PX improvement in your practice.


What are you waiting for?

Enrol today and start making real improvements to the experiences and outcomes for your patients.


Watch the Developing your PX Strategy Information Session.

If you are keen to learn more about how this program can connect you with like-minded healthcare professionals and help you build a personalised PX strategy that will set your organisation up for success, then watch our Developing your PX Strategy Information Session.

In this one-hour webinar we cover:

  • What a PX Strategy is and why you need to develop¬†one for your healthcare organisation or practice
  • What the full¬†Developing your PX Strategy¬†program¬†covers
  • How the¬†Developing your PX Strategy¬†program will set your practice up to be ahead of future health reforms and your competitors
  • How to use your PX Strategy¬†to support improved experiences and outcomes for your patients

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