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Five things healthcare can learn from Taylor Swift

partnering with patients patient experience Feb 19, 2024

In healthcare, patient experience is crucial for fostering trust, satisfaction and overall wellbeing. Here at Patient Experience Agency, we delight in drawing inspiration from unexpected sources and often the more unexpected, the more valuable the insights. Case in point: the iconic performer Taylor Swift and her phenomenal ERAS tour juggernaut which is currently sweeping through Australia.

Known for her ability to connect with diverse audiences and deliver an entertainment experience quite like no other, we channel our inner 'Swiftie' and ask, “what would Taylor do?” when it comes to healthcare. With this in mind, we offer these top five valuable lessons you can learn from Taylor Swift to improve the healthcare experience for the patients in your practice, clinic or department:

1. Emphasise Personalisation

Taylor Swift has mastered the art of personalising her music, using her songs to share relatable stories from her life which resonate with the emotions and experiences of her audience. Similarly, healthcare providers can enhance patient experience by recognising and acknowledging the unique needs of each individual. Personalised care plans, empathetic communication and understanding the patient's background and social situation can go a long way in making them feel seen and valued, in turn improving their response to care.

2. Transparent Communication

Swift is known for her transparency with fans, providing insights into her life through her music and social media. Healthcare providers can adopt a similar approach by fostering open communication with patients. Clearly explaining medical procedures, treatment plans and potential outcomes in plain language or via videos build trust and reduces anxiety. Sharing videos about your practice and your practitioners on your website and social media channels also helps to build trust and rapport with your patients. Transparent communication ensures that patients are active participants in their healthcare journey, promoting a sense of empowerment and growing their confidence with each encounter.

3. Create a Supportive Community

Tay-Tay’s fanbase is not just an audience; it's a community. Some of the most compelling images from her recent Australian concerts were Swifties of all ages and walks of life, swapping friendship bands whilst they trade compliments about their Swift-inspired outfits. Being a Swiftie isn't just about liking Taylor's music, it's about aligning with a community that promotes kindness, joy and being your best self. 

Photo: Herald Sun

Healthcare providers can create a supportive environment for their patients by incorporating a sense of community within their facilities or online. Support groups, educational workshops and online forums can connect patients facing similar health challenges. Building a community fosters a sense of belonging and encourages patients to share experiences, advice, and emotional support.

4. Prioritise Accessibility

Taylor Swift has embraced digital platforms and taking ownership of her story to make her music easily accessible to a global audience. Healthcare providers can follow suit by prioritising accessibility in healthcare services. Implementing user-friendly patient portals, telehealth options, and clear communication channels can enhance the overall patient experience. Accessibility ensures that patients can easily access information, schedule appointments and communicate with their healthcare team.

5. Continuous Improvement

Just like her fans, Swift has experimented and evolved different musical styles and looks (not to mention different boyfriends!) over time, growing and refining her fan engagement and appeal as she goes. This cycle of continuous improvement is an essential key to her success and relatability. Healthcare providers can adopt a similar mindset by embracing innovation and staying current with the latest advancements. Implementing technology-driven solutions, staying informed about medical research and regularly seeking feedback from patients contribute to a healthcare environment that is dynamic and focused on continuous improvement.

While at first, it may seem there is little parallel between a global music phenomenon and you as a healthcare provider, Taylor Swift's success story can actually provide a blueprint for healthcare providers looking to take their patient experience to the next level. Her approach to her fans as a community, prioritising the personal connection with her supporters and her willingness to listen to fan feedback for continuous improvement make her a great example of how to deliver a truly world-class customer experience. Just as Swift's music resonates with her fans, as a healthcare provider you too can strive to make the experience for your patients, dare we say, taylored (!) to the unique needs of each person you connect with.

Not your cup of tea? Well, you can just shake it off…..

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